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Animal’s new and improved Juiced Aminos moves to full transparency and adds electrolytes

Reformulated Animal Juiced Aminos

Animal Juiced Aminos is an amino cocktail from the legacy hardcore supplement company Animal, heavily known for its pack-style products, including the incredibly long-running multi-vitamin Animal Pak. Juiced Aminos is one of the brand’s newer supplements, although it has still been around for quite some time, going on over eight years, bursting onto the scene back around the middle of 2014.

As far as we know, the formula behind Animal Juiced Aminos has gone unchanged throughout the years, but for 2023, following its rebrand of the product, Animal has refreshed the formula behind the amino cocktail. Like all of its recently released supplements, the new and improved Juiced Aminos has switched to a completely transparent label, which was not the case with the original.

Reformulated Animal Juiced Aminos Label

Animal now outlines how much of each ingredient you get per serving in Animal Juiced Aminos, including 5g of BCAAs, a combined 900mg of the other six EAAs, and 100mg of arginine, giving you exactly 6g of all nine EAAs plus arginine. Taurine, betaine, and glutamine have also remained in the Juiced Aminos sequel, and to really make it different and stand out, the brand has added a selection of electrolytes for the product to additionally support hydration.

The official online store for Animal at is one of the first places stocking the transparent and hydration-supporting Animal Juiced Aminos, meaning if you order from there, you will get the new version. Directly from the brand, it costs $31.95 for a tub of 30 servings with four flavors to choose from, and to spot it in-store, look for the yellow-backed “New & Improved” callout.