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SNS aims for comprehensive cardiovascular support in its latest specialty supplement

Sns Cardiovascular Support Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions is one of the more specialized supplement companies out there, with a catalog that dives deep into all sorts of categories throughout sports nutrition. It has the most effective collection of weight loss products, an absolutely massive family of straightforward supplements, and starting this month, there is another entry in its health and wellness arsenal, introducing Cardiovascular Support XT.

Cardiovascular Support XT is Serious Nutrition Solutions’ product built specifically to support cardiovascular health, as the name suggests, supporting benefits like heart health, circulation and blood flow, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. As you’ll see in any of the brand’s other supplements, the brand backs up all of those effects, with a strong selection of premium and effective ingredients and dosages.

Sns Cardiovascular Support Xt Label

You can see the complete set of ingredients Serious Nutrition Solutions has brought together for Cardiovascular Support XT in the image above, with the likes of 300mg each of olive leaf and grape seed, and 50mg of coQ10. There are several other premium components, too, with 50mg of the S7 blend, 180mcg of MenaQ7 vitamin K2, a hefty half a gram of ArjunaPure, and 200mg of Pomella branded pomegranate.

Despite the comprehensive, advanced, and specialized formula Serious Nutrition Solutions has brought together in Cardiovascular Support XT, the price is well within reason, especially after any discount from a coupon code. The regular cost of a full-size 30-serving bottle of the product is $39.99, but with a coupon code like our Stack3d Insider one, “STACK3D”, that comes down to an even more competitive $31.99.

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