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Steel Supplements still has its sights set on the energy drink space but with Omni Energy

Steel Supplements Announces Omni Energy Drink

Last year the hardcore sports nutrition company Steel Supplements previewed its entry into the world of energy drinks, introducing Steel Octane. Very few details were shared about the product at the time, only that it’ll have a variety of amino acids in its formula, focus and cognition-supporting nootropics, and, of course, caffeine. Three flavors were also named in Tropical Blueberry, Acai Passion Berry, and Raspberry Apple.

Steel Supplements never eventually released its Steel Octane energy drink, and it’s been confirmed it’s never actually coming to market. The brand has instead cooked up something that will still put it in the energy drink space but under a different name in Omni Energy. Steel wanted to give the product more of its own identity, and while we haven’t got a clear look at the beverage, the design of Omni Energy should reflect that.

There is, unfortunately, no description about the sort of experience we’re going to get in the upcoming Omni Energy drink, unlike we had with Steel Octane, but we have to imagine some of those highlights and features will remain for the redesign. However, we do have the names of the product’s three flavors to confirm, and they do sound tasty in Bleu Le Mans, a tropical and refreshing-looking Siesta Key Sunrise, and Point Break.