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G Fuel brings its original Peach Mango out of the Vault for a collaboration with StoneMountain64

Stonemountain64 Peach Mango G Fuel

The never-ending gaming brand G Fuel continues to be never-ending, announcing another flavor extension of its signature supplement, self-titled G Fuel, and it is a collaboration. Interestingly while the brand has partnered with someone to create its latest drop, it is not something entirely new, at least for those that have been fans of G Fuel for quite some time.

Launching at the end of this week is a collaboration between G Fuel and the well-known video game streamer StoneMountain64, and the name of the flavor from the two is Peach Mango. The product comes with the brand’s usual alternative label design featuring a fitting StoneMountain64 theme, and again, the flavor is something longtime fans may be familiar with.

Peach Mango is one of the many original flavors G Fuel vaulted at some point, which is where it permanently or temporarily discontinues a flavor. In the case of Peach Mango, it was temporary, as the brand has brought it back out of the vault as a special edition collaboration with StoneMountain64. Once again, the product is becoming available this Friday over at in a collector’s box with a tub and shaker at $39.99.

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