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Sneak Energy now comes in a smaller 15 serving tub size with six flavors to choose from

Travel Sized Sneak Energy

Gaming specialist Sneak in the UK has put together an additional size for its signature energy and focus-supporting supplement, named after one of its key benefits in Sneak Energy. Since the inception and debut of the brand, and up until this week, Sneak Energy has only ever been available in the one fairly typical size for gaming-specific products in a tub of 40 servings and with several different flavors to choose from.

The second size Sneak has produced for its flagship gaming supplement Sneak Energy isn’t a larger, cost-effective alternative packing more servings, but at the other end of the spectrum, with something smaller and more convenient. Now available from the ever-creative company is a less-than-half-sized 15-serving tub, giving you 37% of the servings of the original at half the price, which works out to 33% more per serving.

The cost of the smaller 15-serving Sneak Energy is £20, again, half the price of the regular 40-serving at £39.95, and there is also a variety bundle where you can pick three flavors for a slightly lower £55. Like most downsized alternatives, there aren’t as many flavors available for the travel-sized product with six in, Purple Storm, Electric Mango, Breakfast Orange, Cherry Bomb, Blue Raspberry, and Raspberry Lemonade.

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