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V1 Nutra partners with Makenna Medgyesy for a cookie and graham cracker-filled protein powder

V1 Nutra Mnoellefit Smaks V1 Pro

When V1 Nutra recently relaunched its stimulant-free pump-powering pre-workout Nitrum as Nitrum 2.0, it did so with a special edition flavor put together in partnership with its ambassador Austin Cole. The product featured an intriguing Mango Boba Tea flavor and an eye-catching, alternative label design which had a stylized graphic of a flexing Cole on there as well.

Later this month V1 Nutra is releasing a fresh new flavor of its hugely popular whey-based protein powder V1 Pro, and like Austin Cole’s Mango Boba Tea Nitrum 2.0, it has been put together in partnership with another premier ambassador. This time around, the growing brand has teamed up with Makenna Medgyesy, and this also has a graphic of Makenna on the label.

V1 Nutra and Makenna Medgyesy’s flavor collaboration is delicious s’mores style taste in S’maks V1 Pro, packing a chocolatey marshmallow shake with pieces and chocolate cookie and graham crackers throughout. It has the supplement’s typically lean nutrition profile of 26g of protein a serving, a gram of fat, 6g of carbohydrates, 2g of that sugar, and 140 calories.

Once again, V1 Nutra is rolling out its Makenna Medgyesy’s S’maks V1 Pro collaboration later this month through its online store, where a 28-serving tub of the protein powder carries a regular price of $47.99.