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Behemoth and its industry-first dose of 3D Pump hit Like A Pro’s website at $80 a tub

Where To Buy Like A Pros Loaded Behemoth Pre Workout

The long-awaited and hugely anticipated Behemoth pre-workout from Like A Pro Supplements has made its debut and can now be purchased directly from its online store. For those that haven’t been following, Behemoth started as a concept that gained a huge amount of attention. The main reason behind the draw was it started with the name Behemoth 60 due to the original approach of having 60g of active ingredients.

Like A Pro Supplements did say, Behemoth would undergo a few tweaks and changes before the final version came to market, and that was the case as it evolved into a more comprehensive pre-workout with stimulants, both points not being the case when it was Behemoth 60. You can catch our breakdown of the formula in the supplement in this post here, as again, this is all about finally being able to purchase Behemoth.

As expected and as you could imagine with everything Like A Pro Supplements has jammed into its powerhouse pre-workout, Behemoth, it does come with a hefty price tag, far beyond almost everything else in the category; in fact, it’s double some mainstream products. The cost of Behemoth with an industry-first 12g of 3D Pump is $89.99, although it is currently discounted to $79.99, and you do get a full 30 servings a tub.