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ADVANCEDgg appropriately puts probiotics in its Yakult-like flavor of Energy

Advancedgg Probiotic Drink Energy

Yakult is a compact, incredibly popular, and iconic probiotic beverage introduced in Japan almost a century ago, and it can now be found all over the world and has even made its way into films. It is a unique recipe of water, milk, glucose-fructose syrup, citrus flavors, and as mentioned, probiotics, and it is the inspiration behind the latest taste creation from gaming specialist ADVANCEDgg, although it’s more than a flavor.

ADVANCEDgg’s special edition flavor is called Probiotic Drink, and it features a label design filled with Yakult-like bottles, cementing its inspiration. Like the original drink itself, Probiotic Drinkhas a smooth combination of lime, classic citrus, and a creamy twist. To further enforce the idea behind the product, ADVANCEDgg has added a blend of 11 different probiotic strains providing one billion CFUs for gut health.

The special edition Probiotic Drink flavor is for ADVANCEDgg’s signature gaming supplement Energy, typically featuring taurine, theanine, and natural caffeine, and those are all still in the Yakult-tasting and probiotic-infused experience. You can purchase the brand’s intriguing Probiotic Drink over at for $34.99, and that gets you a tub of 20 servings, each packing a gram of taurine and 200mg of natural caffeine.

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