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Poland’s All Nutrition welcomes an advanced multivitamin to its Pro Series

All Nutrition Promulti

Most of the time we feature the Polish brand All Nutrition here at Stack3d, it involves creative and tasty functional foods of some kind. However, it does have a nice selection of supplements, which it has added to this month with a daily essential named ProMulti+. The product is a part of All Nutrition’s more complex Pro Series, and while it is a multivitamin, as the name suggests, formula-wise, there is a lot more to it than that.

All Nutrition’s Pro Series ProMulti+ brings together a variety of vitamins and minerals, including all of the usual suspects, from vitamin C and D, to zinc, iron, and chromium. Alongside all of that, the supplement has a host of other general health and wellness ingredients for an advanced, comprehensive multivitamin. The product has added 2.5g of the premium carbohydrate Palatinose, coQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, choline bitartrate albeit at a light 20mg, PABA, BioPerine, and the enzyme blend DigeZyme.

Fans of All Nutrition and regular shoppers of All Nutrition can purchase its newest Pro Series supplement straight from its website at 89.99 zł (20.98 USD), which is a pretty cost-effective price tag. It has the usual 30 servings a tub, so at once a day, it’ll get you through a typical month, although it doesn’t come in capsules, but flavored powder format, and in an option called Multivitamin, which is typically a Fruit Punch recipe.