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Raw Intensity arrives and promises to be All Stars strongest pre-workout to date

All Stars Raw Intensity Pre Workout

All Stars in Germany has introduced a completely new collection of supplements called the Platinum Series, made up of several different products, most categorized as pre-workouts in some way. The leader of the group is Raw Intensity, the stimulant-powered, well-rounded pre-workout, bringing together several key ingredients for all of the core effects in energy, mental focus, performance, and muscle pumps.

The Platinum Series stimulant pre-workout Raw Intensity comes packed with a selection of common ingredients at moderate amounts in a gram of glycine and 6g of pure citrulline for pumps, a gram of taurine, a solid 3g of tyrosine for mental focus, 100mg of rhodiola, and 200mg of rhodiola. Driving the energy portion of the supplement is the ever-reliable caffeine, and at a moderately strong dose of 300mg in a maximum serving.

Surprisingly All Stars has not put a whole lot of servings into its premier pre-workout Raw Intensity at just 16, a little lower than the now much more common 20 and almost half of the traditional 30. The cost of the supplement, which the brand proudly promotes as its strongest pre-workout to date, is €43.99 (47.80 USD) at, and there are two refreshing, fruity flavors to choose from in Tropical Punch and Berry Blast.