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ISOMix creator Astroflav adds a quality multivitamin to its growing selection

Astroflav Multivitamin

A multivitamin is a common everyday-use supplement, ensuring all of your micro-nutrient needs are covered with a comprehensive set of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness. While not every brand sells one, many do, giving loyal fans another product they can include in their monthly stack, and that is precisely what Astroflav has gone and done, introducing the simply-named Multivitamin.

Astroflav Multivitamin is a premium vitamin and mineral supplement packed full of high-quality and highly absorbable sources, supporting your micro-nutrient needs, energy production, and cardiovascular health. The product has all of the usual suspects, like half a gram of vitamin C, 60mcg of vitamin D, 20mg of zinc, 90mcg of vitamin K2, and the premium folic acid Quatrefolic at a solid 680mcg in a three-tablet serving.

Astroflav Multivitamin Label

To add a bit more to Multivitamin, Astroflav has included a few extra features to go alongside the selection of vitamins and minerals, such as PrimaVie shilajit and coQ10 at 100mg each for the cardiovascular benefits, 100mg of turmeric, and 100mg of the premium Spectra fruits and greens blend.

Astroflav Multivitamin is available directly from the sports nutrition brand’s online store, and that more advanced, thought-out formula does bring with it a price tag. It sits a few levels above mainstream multivitamins like Optimum Nutrition’s Opti-Men or another quality competitor in Controlled Labs Orange TIRad. Through, Multivitamin costs $34.95, and that is enough to last you a typical month.