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Atron partners with Dead By April for a special edition Mind Blast featuring Zynamite

Atron Dead By April Collaboration Mind Blast

Swedish powerhouse Atron has put together a special edition version of its balanced, well-rounded pre-workout Mind Blast, and there is quite a bit involved in this supplement. The brand has taken the product and partnered with the local metalcore band Dead By April. The collaboration involves a different look for Mind Blast, a slightly tweaked formula with a few changes from the original, and a creative new flavor experience.

All of the ingredients and dosages Atron has in the previous iteration of Mind Blast are in the partnership product with Dead By April, with the exception of alpha-GPC, which recently became non-compliant in Europe. That includes a huge 10g of pure citrulline in a maximum serving for intense muscle pumps, 3g of betaine, and 2g of tyrosine, although the brand has also added a few new components to make it even more special.

Atron and Dead By April’s pre-workout collaboration comes with added S7 at a hefty 150mg, an increase in n-acetyl-l-cysteine from 180mg up to half a gram, premium Zynamite, 800mg of citicoline, and to improve absorption and enhance efficacy there is 10mg of BioPerine black pepper. The flavor of the supplement is called Dreamlike Tropical, named after and inspired by Death By April’s latest single, similarly named Dreamlike.

Atron is launching its Death By April version of the Mind Blast pre-workout shortly in its home country of Sweden, and presumably for the same or around the same price as the original, and with the same 20 maximum servings a tub. The pre-workout is not only a fun and intriguing collaboration, but the tweaked formula should be an interesting change, as it has all of the same highlights with more energy, focus, and pumps.