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Introducing Bashmouth and its tasty chewing gum infused with natural caffeine

Bashmouth Energizing Chewing Gum

There aren’t all that many formats in the world of sports nutrition supplements; you have traditional powder and capsules, on-the-go bars and drinks, and more recently, we’ve seen a rise in gummies. There are a few other rarer formats seen throughout the industry, one of them being the classic chewing gum, which is something the newcomer Bashmouth has based its brand and flagship product around.

Bashmouth put together a guilt-free chewing gum made with the sugar alcohols xylitol and maltitol that has 4g of carbohydrates a piece, all of that sugar alcohol, resulting in a calorie count of ten. Where the supplement side comes in is every piece of Bashmouth gum packs 130mg of natural caffeine, which isn’t a lot but will certainly add up; for example, three pieces gives you a pre-workout-like 390mg.

Bashmouth Energizing Chewing Gum 1

The recently released energizing chewing gum from Bashmouth is a convenient alternative to the likes of an energy shot or caffeine capsules, or even something you can have during your workout for continuous energy, and it has a refreshing spearmint taste. The brand also uniquely delivers its active ingredients via a liquid center, ensuring the chewable supplement takes effect as quickly as possible.

Bashmouth’s online store is one of the best places to get your hands on its caffeinated chewing gum, with several purchase options available. You can grab a single-piece sample pack at $1.99 just to try it out, a stick of five pieces at $5.99, two sticks at $10.99, a bag of 30 pieces for $32.99, or there is the mother of them all, the cost-effective box of 15 sticks at $69.95, with free shipping on orders over $30.

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