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BEAM puts Pre-Workout and Super Greens in tubes of stick packs for convenience

Beam Pre Workout And Super Greens Stick Packs

Stick packs have become significantly more common over the past year and a bit, mostly due to the surge in hydration-focused supplements and the majority of them coming in stick packs as opposed to the traditional tub of bulk powder. Premium brand BEAM is about to make use of that very format for two of its more popular products in the well-rounded stimulant-powered Pre-Workout and the superfood formula Super Greens.

In just a few days, on Wednesday of next week at precisely 11 AM Eastern Time, BEAM is launching its category-titled Pre-Workout and Super Greens in tubes of seven single-serving stick packs, or what it’s referring to as travel or trial size. Seven servings is enough for a serving a day for an entire week, at least for Super Greens, as unless you workout every day, you probably won’t power through an entire tube of Pre-Workout.

BEAM is only going to have one flavor available for Pre-Workout and Super Greens stick packs, and it is one that’s already available for purchase for the regular bulk sizes in Pink Lemonade. We’re not sure of the price of the travel or trial-size alternative of the two advanced supplements, but it won’t be as cost-effective as the standard tubs, with the upside to the tubes of stick packs being that they’re more convenient.

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