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Beast Sports continues the turkesterone trend with a standalone product

Beast Turkesterone

Turkesterone supplements were rolling out left and right around this time last year and the year before that, although for the majority of 2022, the trend certainly slowed down. We have been seeing them more frequently here in 2023, with the latest brand to add a turkesterone-powered product to its catalog being legacy supplement company Beast Sports, and it has named its competitor after the ingredient in, Turkesterone.

Beast Sports’ Turkesterone is similar to the likes of Gorilla Mind, 5% Nutrition, and eFlow Nutrition’s straightforward turkesterone products, featuring the source ajuga turkestanica and cyclodextrin technology to ensure maximum absorption and efficacy of the turkesterone. The supplement has half a gram of ajuga turkestanica — standardized to 10% — and hydroxy-propyl-b-cyclodextrin in each of its 60 capsules a bottle.

With 60 capsules a bottle, Beast Sports has packed enough into its ingredient-titled Turkesterone to be able to have it twice a day for the common daily total of a gram of ajuga turkestanica. The brand has priced its turkesterone-backed muscle builder reasonably at $39.99 through its direct-to-consumer online store. Additionally, if you want to stack up, Beast Sports has a deal on its test booster Super Test Black where you get three for the price of two, and it can be stacked with Turkesterone.