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Real Focus becomes Ultra Focus thanks to the addition lion’s mane, DMAE and enXtra

Big Ultra Focus

Spanish brand Big has revamped and relaunched its original energy and focus-fueling pre-workout Real Focus, introducing the improved sequel, Ultra Focus. The supplement carries over every ingredient from the original and changes the dosages of some of them, but most importantly, it adds new components to the mix. It is with the additions that the follow-up sets itself apart from Real Focus.

We’ve got the facts panel for Big’s all-new Ultra Focus in the image directly below, and as you can see, it maintains its attention on the two most noticeable benefits of a pre-workout, and that is energy and focus. The brand has basically added more ingredients to power those effects on top of everything from Real Focus, so if you were a fan of the first iteration, you’re going to like Ultra Focus.

Big Ultra Focus Label

Rhodiola is still a major feature of Big’s energy and focus-specific pre-workout, and so is citicoline but at a slightly smaller 300mg a serving, and the strong dose of caffeine has remained at 300mg. The additions to Ultra Focus to elevate the key effects of the supplement even further include half a gram of lion’s mane, 250mg of DMAE, and 300mg of the premium and proven, caffeine-free stimulant enXtra.

Altogether, the ingredients and dosages in Ultra Focus should have no problem delivering a higher, harder, and more intense energy and focus experience next to Real Focus, but at the same time, familiar as it has all of the original components and is centered around the same benefits. Big’s online store is one of the first places stocking Ultra Focus at €39.90 a tub in Watermelon and Lollipop flavors.