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Refreshing Blackberry Lemonade Total War exclusive to a bundle with a sweatshirt

Blackberry Lemonade Total War

Something Redcon1 does more than most is release special edition and limited-time flavors, mostly for its signature and long-running pre-workout Total War, which has been around since the beginning of the brand several years ago. This week the two-time Brand Of The Year has another one of those; although this isn’t time, it isn’t available in a typical-sized tub of the supplement, but in a smaller, half-sized bottle with 15 servings.

Redcon1’s latest limited edition effort is a sweet and refreshing Blackberry Lemonade flavor of the Total War pre-workout, which, true to its name, is a classic lemonade with a twist of blackberry. While the flavor extension has half the servings of a regular tub of Total War, it costs a couple of dollars more at $44.99, as the only way you can purchase it is in a bundle with a bottle of the product and a color-matching crewneck sweatshirt.

Like the temporary pre-workout flavor, the Blackberry Boost Bundle at of Blackberry Lemonade Total War and custom crewneck sweatshirt are only around for a limited time, and there are plenty of sizes to choose from for the sweatshirt starting at small and going all the way up to XXXL.

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