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Candy Series expands its tasty flavors into the TeaCrine and Dynamine-fueled Bucked Up Energy

Bucked Up Energy Drink Candy Flavors

Bucked Up came out with a sweet-tasting series of flavors a couple of months back for three of its stimulant-powered pre-workouts in BAMF, Woke AF, and the self-titled supplement, Bucked Up. The three tasty flavor creations were Cherry Candy, White Gummy Deer, and Sour Bucks, and again, they were launched for all of the pre-workouts mentioned, making for a pretty sizeable collection of a total of nine products.

Bucked Up has expanded on those candy flavors, not by adding similar tastes to the series but by launching those same three tastes for another product in its lineup, and it’s not a traditional powder supplement. Cherry Candy, White Gummy Deer, and Sour Bucks have been put together for the Bucked Up Energy drink, featuring its complex formula of beta-alanine, taurine, acetyl-l-tyrosine, AlphaSize branded alpha-GPC, the dynamic pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine, and a strong 300mg of caffeine.

The candy series extensions are in stock and available for purchase first through Bucked Up’s official online store at, where the cost is the same as any of the previously released flavors at $29.99 for a case of a dozen cans. There is, unfortunately, no variety bundle where you could get a pack with four of each, although the products are expected to be in stores, where conveniently, you could get one of each.