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Bum Energy Review: Smooth carbonation and sweet flavors but lacking a bit in fullness

Bum Energy Drink Review

Bum Energy is an energizing beverage from Chris Bumstead, separate from his sports nutrition brand Raw Nutrition, and featuring a relatively straightforward but complex combination of ingredients. The Bum Energy drink comes with a light 112mg of natural caffeine, the same amount as your average 12oz brewed iced coffee, according to the can, plus 250mg of premium and proven Cognizin citicoline for focus and cognition.


With Chris Bumstead’s Bum Energy getting some much attention leading up to its launch, we went down to our local retailer and grabbed a few cans of each flavor, Orange Sunrise and Cherry Frost, both having no sugar and only five calories a can. The energy drink space has become incredibly competitive, with the bar being raised significantly over the past year due to impressive newcomers like RYSE Fuel and Lost & Found.

Bum Energy Drink Review

On the initial sip, Bum Energy hits its title tastes out of the park, with the pop and sweetness standing out incredibly well. Orange Sunrise wastes no time in delivering a citrusy hit, while Cherry Frost has an indistinguishable cherry flavor. The citrus in Orange Sunrise is relatively reminiscent of the classic orange soda Fanta, although the one catch with the level of sweetness in both Bum Energy flavors is that it’s short-lived.

The citrusy hit and cherry punch mellow out a bit, stepping down a notch from that initial slap of flavor, but they still manage to hang around long enough that the taste is in your mouth when you take another sip. Bum Energy could certainly do with more flavor fullness, carrying the initial strength from start to finish; however, that’s a small and our only criticism, as the sweetness, carbonation, nutrition, and energy are all there.

Bum Energy Drink Review


As mentioned earlier, the only reason we feel Chris Bumstead’s lacks flavor fullness or flavor consistency is because of its immense competition, as there are beverages out there that carry some incredibly on-point tastes from the second they hit your lips to the instant you go for another sip. We’ve always been partial to a citrusy flavor, so Orange Sunrise Bum Energy is our favorite of the two, but alternatively, if you’re a fan of cherry-tasting energy drinks, Cherry Blast doesn’t disappoint.

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