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Efectiv resurrects and modernizes its test booster with KSM-66, fadogia and elevATP

Efectiv Nutrtiion Alpha V2

Six years ago, the UK-based sports nutrition brand Efectiv Nutrition launched a testosterone booster simply and appropriately titled Alpha. It seems as though, at some point, that supplement dropped off the map; however, this year, it is returning with the same name but a different formula. The brand has kept Alpha as an advanced competitor in the test booster caetgory and added some components for even better benefits.

Efectiv Nutrition refers to the revamped testosterone booster as Alpha V2, and while the packaging does not include the sequel reference, it is deserving, as the product has undergone many changes. Compared to six years ago, the resurrected Alpha has been given a much more modern formula, featuring many ingredients that weren’t in the original but are commonly found in more recently released test boosters.

Driving the testosterone portion of Efectiv Nutrition’s Alpha V2 to in turn help with muscle building and strength is 300mg of longjack, half a gram each of horny goat weed and the incredibly popular fadogia agrestis, boron, zinc, and vitamin D3. There are two other components that complete the formula behind the supplement, and they are the premium, proven, multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha at 600mg, and 150mg of patented elevATP, adding performance benefits to the product.

As mentioned, Efectiv Nutrition has brought forward its testosterone-boosting Alpha into 2023 and genuinely modernized the formula, giving it the ability to be compared to other advanced supplements currently competing in the specialized space. The returning product is already back and in stock on the brand’s website for the rather reasonable price of £29.99 (37.31 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings to last you a full month.