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Efectiv reveals everything about its cost-effective pre-workout that’s less than £1 a serving

Efectiv Nutrtiion The Edge

Efectiv Nutrition’s premier pre-workout is Elite, featuring solid dosages of all sorts of ingredients supporting core pre-workout benefits, including enhanced energy and focus, and better muscle pumps and performance. The supplement carries a price tag of £29.99 (37.29 USD) for a tub of 30 servings, and starting tomorrow, the UK brand is coming out with something a little simpler and more cost-effective named The Edge.

The Edge is another stimulant-powered pre-workout from Efectiv Nutrition, and while it doesn’t have the variety of ingredients you get in Elite, it packs respectable dosages of the handful of reliable components it does have. Driving performance and pumps, the UK-based company has included 3g of the ever-present beta-alanine and 2g of betaine anhydrous, although it’s not standard betaine but premium BetaPower.

Efectiv Nutrtiion The Edge Label

Taking care of the stimulating side of Efectiv Nutrition’s all-new The Edge pre-workout is half a gram of tyrosine and the complementing combination of 250mg of caffeine, 150mg of Dynamine yielding 60mg, and 40mg of pure TeaCrine. The blend of caffeine, Dynamine, and TeaCrine has a noticeable synergistic energy and focus effect, and it is a set of ingredients you’ll find in other products around the industry, especially in the highly competitive category of pre-workouts.

The Edge will be out and available tomorrow through Efectiv Nutrition’s UK online store, and it’ll have a nice selection of flavors right out of the gate in Lemon Sherbet, Strawberry Watermelon, and Apple Raspberry. The brand’s more straightforward pre-workout is going to have slightly fewer servings than Elite at 25, but as mentioned, it comes at a more cost-effective price point of £21.99 (27.34 USD), under £1 a serving.