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eFlow adds a bit of rainbow to its protein powder by way of a Birthday Cake flavor

Eflow Nutrition Birthday Cake Whey Protein

eFlow Nutrition tends to be more about fresh new flavors than releasing completely new supplements, although we do see those from time to time, such as the hybrid fat-burning pre-workout Enrage Burn from a few months ago. Most of the time, it is the brand’s pre-workout Enrage Black getting more tastes to choose from, although this month, it does have another flavor extension, although not for the stimulant-backed pre-workout.

eFlow Nutrition’s premium and lean, whey isolate-based 100% Whey Protein is the supplement that’s been given another flavor on this occasion, and it’s a fun one filled with colorful birthday sprinkles. The flavor is, of course, Birthday Cake, featuring all of the supplement’s usual macros in 24g of fast-absorbing protein, 3g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that added sugar, half a gram of fat, and a reasonable calorie count of 110.

You can purchase the Birthday Cake flavor of 100% Whey Protein as well as any of eFlow Nutrition’s other options for the protein powder directly from its online store at $49.99 for a tub of 26 servings or $39.99 if you subscribe to receive the product on a monthly basis. It is also worth noting that as exciting and colorful as the brand’s latest flavor is, it’s only around for a limited time, so not ongoing like the rest of the options on its menu.