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Ekkovision makes several changes to its focus and performance-powering pre-workout

Ekkovision Ash 2

Ekkovision has many different pre-workouts to choose from, hence why we often refer to it as the pre-workout specialist. Each of the supplements has its own point of difference, built for a specific audience, preference, style of workout, and so on. Ash is the growing brand’s pre-workout for powerlifters or at least those that want something built primarily to improve, increase, and enhance mental focus and performance.

In a couple of days, Ekkovision is releasing a sequel to Ash, appropriately named Ash 2.0, where it is looking to refine the experience, all while keeping the core effects similar to the original. Focus and performance are still the primary benefits of the supplement, with a bit of energy in there, like the first iteration by way of caffeine anhydrous at 275mg.

We’ve got the full facts panel for Ekkovision’s upcoming Ash 2.0 in the image below, and the still very young company has certainly stepped things up in many areas. The next product from the brand has tripled the coconut water to 3g, increased the focus-supporting alpha-GPC by a third to 800mg, and upped the premium cognitive component CognatiQ, originally named NeuroFactor, taking it from 100mg to 150 a serving.

Ekkovision Ash 2 Label

There are also several removals and additions to the focus and performance-powering Ash 2.0, with enXtra, Nucleoprime, elevATP, and RhodioPrime no longer present. Ekkovision has added a whole host of other ingredients, such as SantEnergy Nu at 400mg, a huge 5g of betaine, and zumXR extended-release caffeine at 70mg, which comes alongside 250mg of caffeine anhydrous for a slightly higher total than before.

Once again, Ekkovision is launching Ash 2.0 this coming Saturday, through its online store at, and it’s actually going to be slightly cheaper than its predecessor at $39.99. For such a strong drop in price and for the same amount of servings at 25, Ekkovision has done an impressive job with its powerlifting or focus and performance-specific pre-workout, that’s launching in the one Kiwi Lychee Pineapple flavor.