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Core Pump almost doubles its selection of flavors including three candy-themed recipes

Five More Flavors For Core Pump

Core Pump does indeed sound like a pre-workout supplement entirely dedicated to improving and enhancing muscle pumps, although it has evolved over the years into a more comprehensive stimulant-free product. While it does have a good amount of ingredients to support pumps in 6g of pure citrulline, 2g of HydroMax, and 2.5g of NO3-T betaine nitrate, it also has PeakO2 for performance and alpha-GPC elevate mental focus.

We’re bringing up Core Nutritionals’ stackable Core Pump pre-workout this week as it is welcoming several new tastes to the menu of the supplement, almost doubling its previous total of six flavors. Joining the family on this occasion and pushing the number of Core Pump flavors to 11 is Watermelon Grape, Apple Guava, and three candy-themed recipes, in Sour Candy, Raspberry Chews, and Australia Gummy Snakes.

As per usual, Core Nutritionals hasn’t introduced its latest round of products without a deal, and this one gives you a chance to try more than one of those five flavors. For this week only, instead of paying $49.99 for a 20-serving tub of Core Pump, you can get two for $45 each, and you do get to mix and match flavors, as mentioned, rewarding fans and making it easier to order more than one tub of the stimulant-free Core Pump.