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Unique Ono Bar adds Pistachio Cream and Wild Choco Loco flavors

Go Fitness Wild Choco Loco Ono Bar

The Ono Bar is another unique protein snack from Go Fitness, known for its delicious waffle, and what makes it different is its tastes and textures that have been squeezed into a bar of break-apart pieces. The product has a crumbly consistency that can be chalky at points, but it makes for a functional food to remember, especially with its intriguing flavors, of which there are now two more to choose from alongside the original three.

The first three flavors of Go Fitness’ Ono Bar were Blondie Caramel, Brownie Caramel, and Kiddy Proteino. Beginning this month, there are two equally creative options; the pistachio-powered Pistachio Cream and Wild Coco Loco. Both additions keep with the product’s nutrition norms of 11 to 14g of protein in a snack-sized 40g bar, 7 to 14g of carbohydrates with 2g or less of that sugar, 13 to 14g of fat, and a calorie count around 205.

Both of the Ono Bar flavor extensions, Pistachio Cream and Wild Choco Loco, are already out and available from many of Go Fitness’ sports nutrition retailers across Europe, selling the high-protein products in single bars and bulk boxes of a dozen.

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