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Gold Nutrition calls on OptiPep and Isolac for its more premium protein powder

Gold Nutrition Total Hydro Whey

Gold Nutrition in Europe has a pretty extensive selection of supplements, especially in the world of protein, and it doesn’t just have the traditional protein powders. The brand has a substantial amount of functional foods, each with something differentiating it from the next, although this month, it has dipped back into that classic protein powder section, introducing its most premium competitor to date with Total Hydro Whey.

Total Hydro Whey is quite similar to Gold Nutrition’s original product, Total Whey, in that it is a great source of protein relying on a form of high-quality whey to provide the macronutrient. Where Total Hydro Whey is different is instead of a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, like Total Whey, it combines OptiPep 90 hydrolyzed whey and Isolac whey isolate to provide an incredibly lean 26g of protein in every 30g serving.

The other numbers alongside Total Hydro Whey’s strong 26g of protein are under a gram of carbohydrates at only 700mg, less than half of that is sugar, 400mg of fat, and a low 110 calories. Being a more premium supplement, Gold Nutrition’s latest protein powder does carry a higher price than the likes of Total Whey at €54.99 for a 900g tub of 30 servings, and it comes in three flavors with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.