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Gold Standard creates another clean and nutritious solution in its tasty Chicken Bites

Gold Standard Nutrition Chicken Bites

Gold Standard Nutrition is known for its strong selection of healthy, nutritious, and high-protein snacks and foods, mostly its signature, convenient Pot-O-Gold meals, available in an incomparable amount of flavors. The creative company has just added another product to go alongside all of its other items, and like everything else it has on the market, it is a tasty food with macros you simply can’t argue with.

Now available through Gold Standard Nutrition’s online store are large 1kg bags of Chicken Bites in three flavors, Salt & Pepper, Spicy Fajita, and Hickory BBQ. The product itself is as straightforward as it sounds, with bite-sized pieces of chicken breast covered in spices and seasoning for flavor. A moderate 100g serving has 25g of protein, well under a gram of fat, as low as 3.4g of carbohydrates, and calories from 122 to 130.

Gold Standard Nutrition Chicken Bites 1

As expected from Gold Standard Nutrition, its Chicken Bites are incredibly clean and lean, as well as a convenient and cost-effective way to add a nutritious source of protein to your diet. You can enjoy the chicken bites by themselves, in combination with some other types of foods, or even throw them in the brand’s own Pot-O-Gold meals for extra protein.

As mentioned, Gold Standard Nutrition’s Chicken Bites are not expensive, currently costing £10 (12.39 USD) for a 1kg bag, which works out to £1 per 100g serving, or if you want 50g of protein, that’ll be £2. There is a bulk bundle where you can grab three bags for £28.00 or £9.33 a bag, saving you about 7%. You also get to choose the flavors in the bundle, whether that be all three in one or even the variety route with one of each.