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Gorilla Mode High-Stim Review: Gorilla Mind and James English deliver as promised

Gorilla Mode High Stim Review

Gorilla Mind recently released a pre-workout collaboration in partnership with ambassador James English, and while it does come with a fresh new flavor there is a lot more to it than that. The supplement the two came together to create is Gorilla Mode High-Stim, an intense, hard-hitting spin-off of the original Gorilla Mode pre-workout, featuring a formula centered more around energy and focus than a comprehensive experience.

There are some similarities in formula between the regular Gorilla Mode pre-workout, and Gorilla Mind and James English’s Gorilla Mode High-Stim; however, the key purpose is clear when you look at its combination of ingredients and dosages. Some of the highlights driving the experience include 600mg of alpha-GPC, 5g of tyrosine, half a gram of eria jarensis, 1.5mg of alpha yohimbine, and 550mg of caffeine from two separate sources.

Gorilla Mode High Stim Review


It’s not often we get the chance to review high-powered pre-workouts, but we did get our hands on Gorilla Mind and James English’s pre-workout, Gorilla Mode High-Stim, and we’re incredibly glad we did. There is always an adjustment or leap with supplements that are heavy on caffeine, as if you’re used to 300 to 350mg, a full serving of this will hit like a train. We always find that you get to a consistent level of intensity the more you use a pre-workout, and that’s how we approached Gorilla Mode High-Stim.

We went from using pre-workouts with 350 to 400mg of caffeine to the high-powered Gorilla Mode, and while it did obviously hit much harder in the first few workouts, the intensity it leveled out at and the experience we eventually relied on, was not too far off. The initial energy kick from Gorilla Mode High-Stim isn’t as much of a punch in the face as we expected, although, as mentioned, it maintains a strong level of energy from start to finish.

In combination with that heightened energy that ensures you hit every exercise and every set as confident and driven as the first, there is a mental drive and noticeable clarity that forces you to keep your mind on the job at hand and tackle each set that comes at you. While there are pump and performance components in Gorilla Mode High-Stim, they’re not enough to have an impressive impact in either area, but at the same time, energy and focus are the primary benefits of the stimulating supplement.

Gorilla Mode High Stim Review


Since the introduction of Gorilla Mind and James English’s Gorilla Mode High-Stim, and even in the name of the product itself, it was made incredibly clear that the pre-workout is all about high-powered energy and strong mental focus. The formula behind the supplement reflects that as well, and now after running it many times in the gym, we can confirm the pre-workout collaboration delivers the experience it advertised in fantastic fashion.

After the initial energy kick, which is smoother than you’d expect in the full serving, you’re left with a powerful level of energy that’ll have you running throughout your workout and asking for more, whether it be extra weight or higher reps. The focus is a perfect complement to keep you concentrated and zoned in, and despite how intense the energy is, we didn’t find ourselves out of breath, which tends to happen with urgent energy.