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Helimix adds a bold Burgundy colorway to its hugely popular vortex shaker

Helimix Burgundy Shaker Bottle

The innovative and hugely popular shaker brand Helimix, known for its vortex-shaped bottle, has many different options to choose from, all featuring that instantly recognizable twisting cup and boldly colored lid. The brand has two sizes for its flagship shaker in the traditional 28oz and a shorter 20oz, both available in a whole host of colors like Black, Red, Blue, and Green, which is the color of the lid as the bottle stays the same.

As mentioned, Helimix has a mountain of colors available for its unique shaker bottle, but that hasn’t stopped it from adding more, and that is precisely what we have for you today in color number 15. The successful brand has gone with Burgundy, which is a familiar blend of red and purple, and it is available for both the standard 28oz and 20oz cup sizes, with the former costing $24.95 a piece and its little brother just a dollar less.

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