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Oliver Forslin appears to have teamed up with Huge for some sort of flavor or formula

Huge Teases Oliver Forslin Collab

Ambassador collaboration products have become just as common as authentic flavor collaborations. While an authentic partnership is where a brand gets together with a familiar food or flavor to authentically recreate it in a supplement, an ambassador collaboration is where a brand makes a flavor or formula with an individual. Huge Supplements looks like it is about to do that again after doing it before with the Review Bros.

Huge Supplements has dropped a teaser featuring a covered-up product and a stylistically drawn bodybuilder hitting Sergio Oliva’s classic victory pose, and including the words “Huge” and “Forslin”. With all of those details taken into account, it looks as though the well-established supplement company is teaming up with the hugely popular fitness influencer, competitive bodybuilder, and brand ambassador Oliver Forslin.

We’re not sure what the collaboration between the two is going to look like, whether it’s some sort of special edition product or a completely new flavor for an already available supplement. When Huge Supplements and the Review Bros came together back in 2021, they made the potent, hard-hitting Wrecked Extreme pre-workout, which could be an indication of what the brand and Oliver Forslin have planned in their collaboration.

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