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Iced Tea Lemonade is returning once again for Ghost Greens on Earth Day

Iced Tea Lemonade Ghost Greens Back For 2023

Back in 2020, Ghost introduced a refreshing and new but limited edition flavor of its superfood supplement Ghost Greens in Iced Tea Lemonade. The original lifestyle brand has brought back the flavor since then, and here in 2023, it is doing it once again. Ghost has announced that its tasty Iced Tea Lemonade flavor will be available for Ghost Greens very shortly; in fact, it is only three days away from hitting

Iced Tea Lemonade Ghost Greens is making its return this coming Saturday, the 22nd of April, which for those that weren’t aware, is Earth Day. Like the previous occasions the product was available, Iced Tea Lemonade will have a limited status, so it’s not here to stay. This Saturday, it’ll be going live for all versions of Ghost’s website, including its primary US online store, as well as Europe and Australia for fans down under.