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JST WRK adds a way for you to try all four of its flavors in a single case

Jst Wrk Energy Variety Pack

If you’re like us when it comes to relatively new and intriguing energy drinks, you won’t necessarily enjoy buying an entire case of a single flavor. They’re great when you know you like a product; otherwise, you could be spending around $30 for 12 cans of something you may only drink once. That’s where variety packs come into play, as they’re a great way to try every flavor a beverage has to offer for the same or similar price.

Axe and Sledge recently released its entry into the high-competitive energy drink space with JST WRK Energy, featuring a rather simple formula of taurine, inositol, B vitamins, and a smooth 200mg of caffeine. The beverage hit the market in four flavors, all of which don’t have any sugar or calories, with the sweet Shark Bite, our favorite in Glacier, and the two authentic options, ICEE Cherry and ICEE Blue Raspberry.

Axe and Sledge has just dropped a variety pack of JST WRK Energy, so, as mentioned earlier, you can buy a case and try the entire menu, not just one flavor. It comes with three each of Shark Bite, Glacier, ICEE Cherry, and ICEE Blue Raspberry, and better yet, it costs exactly the same as a one-flavor case. Again, it’s a great way to find out which of the four options you like, or if you like them all, which one you like the most.