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Klout restocks its amino cocktail and takes the opportunity to add another two flavors

Klout Pink Lemonade Aminos

Following Klout’s explosive weeks of excitement, developments, and releases, introducing some new supplements and relaunching a few others, the action continues but this time by way of flavors. One of the products the brand already had available that wasn’t involved in its flurry of drops back in March to April, was the amino cocktail simply named Aminos, featuring all nine EAAs, coconut water, and Aquamin minerals.

Klout has just restocked its competitor for the popular amino category this week, and in combination with that, it’s added two new tastes to the muscle recovery and repair supplement. To go alongside its already available Sour Melon and Tropical Sunshine flavors, the brand has introduced Berry Snowcome and Pink Lemonade. The former is actually a taste from Klout’s sleep-supporting PWR Off, while the latter is all-new.

Both of Klout’s Aminos flavor extensions are available directly through its online store, with Berry Snowcone and Pink Lemonade costing $27 each with the usual 30 servings to last you an entire month when taking it once a day.

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