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German gaming giant LevlUp debuts its zero sugar energy drink in three of its best-selling flavors

Levlup Gaming Drink

LevlUp is a gaming brand from Germany that isn’t quite as busy as the gaming leader G Fuel here in the US, but it does frequently release special edition flavors, different formats and products, and even collaborations. LevlUp has just dropped a completely new item, and it is something we’ve seen from a few other gaming-specific companies over the past year or so, like G Fuel, ADVANCEDgg, and Sneak, in a LevlUp energy drink.

LevlUp has indeed entered the incredibly saturated and increasingly competitive energy drink space, and it has named its product appropriately with LevlUp Gaming Drink. The formula powering the energizing experience behind the carbonated beverage is not advanced or complex. The brand has packed it with taurine, inositol, a variety of B vitamins, and caffeine at a moderate 160mg in a large 500ml can.

Levlup Gaming Drink 2

Gaming Drink from the gaming supplement company LevlUp has launched at a reasonable price of €24.99 (27.28 USD), working out to €2.08 a piece, and it is available first directly through the brand’s online store at Unfortunately, there is no variety bundle for the energy drink, so if you want to try all of the flavors, as there are three, you’ll need to purchase three cases, or if you grab a single, they’ll be the same flavor.

The flavors fans have to choose from when it comes to LevlUp’s Gaming Drink are all options from its original gaming powder supplement; in fact, they’re apparently the best-selling flavors. The tastes are Shiny Dragon, which is a sweet combination of dragonfruit and lychee; next is Nuke featuring a blend of blue raspberry and lime; and Galaxy is acai, pomegranate, and blueberry, all with no sugar and only five calories.