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Life Pro makes a flapjack that’s not high in protein but has almost 500 calories

Lifepro Flapjack

In the UK and Europe, a flapjack is a popular type of protein or clean, nutritious snack, featuring a main body packed full of energy and performance-fueling oats, and occasionally covered or filled with delicious additives like chocolate chips and a coat of chocolate. Spanish brand Life Pro Nutrition has just introduced exactly that type of functional food in its aptly named Flapjack, which is indeed a flapjack-style product.

Life Pro Nutrition’s Flapjack is a heavy 120g bar, and being oat-based, it comes with a hefty amount of carbohydrates at 65g, a lot of that is sugar at 27g and 6.6g of fiber, close to 8g of protein, 21g of fat, and a sizeable calorie count of around 495. The brand has sweetened the snack by covering it in a solid layer of milk chocolate, white chocolate, yogurt, or toffee, and tasty bits and pieces, including rich chocolate chips.

We’ve certainly seen a lot of flapjacks in the sports nutrition space, almost entirely in Europe, and while typically they’re high in protein, that’s not the case here. Flapjack from Life Pro Nutrition is a strong source of carbohydrates, not so much protein, with that 65g of carbs to nearly 8g of protein. The product is out and available in the brand’s home country in four flavors; Brownie, Chocolate Chip, Toffee, and Yogurt White Chocolate.