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Mango arrives in time for summer for the rescued fruit juice energy drink Clean SAV:D

Mango Clean Savd

Around this time last year, or at least in late February last year, the Swedish functional beverage company Clean Drink released a fresh new flavor to get fans ready for the sunny summer season. That tasty addition to the brand’s lineup was Halloon, which translates from Swedish to Raspberry, although it wasn’t for Clean Drink’s flagship energy drink, but Clean SAV:D, a product made from rescued or saved fruit and vegetable juice.

Clean Drink is back again, preparing fans for another sunny time of year with one more taste for them to choose from specifically for the beverage made from juices that would otherwise go to waste. Joining the functional drink’s current family of Apple, Peach, Strawberry Lime, and the aforementioned Raspberry is Mango, and it’s out now in Sweden, with the product’s usual mix of vitamins, minerals, natural caffeine, and fruit juice.

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