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‘Merica Labz decides to not move forward with its hit energy drink ‘Merica Energy

Merica Labz Discontinues Merica Energy Drink

It was almost two years ago that ‘Merica Labz — from the same company as the reputable sports nutrition powerhouse Core Nutritionals — relaunched its original energizing beverage, ‘Merica Energy. The initial energy drink from several years ago was an incredibly tasty product, earning a position on our list of top five energy drinks, although that experience was changed a bit when it was re-released in mid-2021.

The second iteration of ‘Merica Labz ‘Merica Energy drink still provides a great experience when it comes to flavor, but it does have some differences compared to the unforgettable sweetness and flavor accuracy of the original. The reason we’re bringing up the product is that we’ve got some unfortunate news regarding ‘Merica Energy, at least for now, as the team behind the beverage has decided not to move forward with it.

That is the official statement from Doug Miller at Core Nutritionals and ‘Merica Labz, it is simply “not moving forward with the brand”, which doesn’t say a whole lot, but a deeper explanation is coming. Doug plans on doing an entire episode of his Boss Status podcast dedicated to the situation, but basically, you won’t be seeing the energy for much longer, so if you’re a fan, be sure to get in and stock up while you can.