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Gorilla Mind Energy is getting a new flavor every month for a year after its launch

Monthly Flavors Of Gorilla Mind Energy

With the complete reveal of the formula behind the highly-anticipated Gorilla Mind Energy drink, the excitement behind the beverage has been pushed even higher. The product is bringing with it a well-put-together combination of ingredients beyond anything else we’ve seen in a carbonated beverage. It includes 200mg of caffeine for energy, 400mg of alpha-GPC for mental focus, a gram of NALT, and 200mg of uridine.

Gorilla Mind Energy certainly looks like it’ll deliver on its bold promise of “the most efficacious energy drink” with quite an advanced blend of ingredients driving increased energy, improved focus, and enhanced cognition. Another significant detail about the beverage has been shared, which is centered around its selection of flavors, and if it manages to pull it off, it’ll be the first energy drink brand we know of ever to do so.

There are going to be four flavors available for the Gorilla Mind Energy drink when it drops, none of them featuring any artificial colors, all without sugar, and the first one revealed is Arctic White. Four is a good amount of options for a fresh new carbonated energy beverage, especially with such a specialist formula, but that is only the beginning as the brand plans to drop another new taste every month for the next year.

The frequent flavor drops are something we have seen before from RAZE Energy, although that came long after its debut, not immediately following the first month it became available. It’s a bold play but one that will certainly be appreciated by its many fans, new and old, especially after seeing how well-received RAZE’s frequent limited-time tastes, not to mention every time other big-name energy drinks drop a new flavor.