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Lean Whey’s long-waited plant-based spin-off packs a blend of pea, rice and sacha inchi protein

Muscle Sport Lean Whey Plant D

Lean Whey Plant’d is a long-awaited and long-time-coming plant-based spin-off of Muscle Sport’s original hit protein powder Lean Whey, which combines premium sources of whey and weight management supporting ingredients. Plant’d plans on continuing the story of Lean Whey, giving fans another way to add a quality source of protein to their diet and daily regimen, specifically those that live a vegan-friendly lifestyle.

Muscle Sport’s Lean Whey Plant’d was apparently three years in the making, so it’s something fans have been wanting and waiting for. Based on that, the plant-powered protein powder is a significant addition to the brand’s lineup, and on paper, it does indeed continue the Lean Whey theme. It provides 20g of protein in every scoop, coming from a couple of vegan-friendly sources in pea, rice, and the rare sacha inchi protein.

The rest of the nutrition profile making up Lean Whey Plant’d is 3 to 6g of carbohydrates, none of that is sugar, 3 to 3.5g of fat, and reasonable calories from 110 to 130. Like the original, dairy-based Lean Whey, the plant-based spin-off is infused with weight loss-supporting ingredients. Alongside the protein is CLA, MCTs, carnitine tartrate, added vitamin B12, and agave, making it a good source of fiber with 3g of it per serving.

Muscle Sport is officially launching Lean Whey Plant’d today through its online store at in tubs of 25 servings, and of course, being from the brand that brought you Lean Whey, it is said to deliver a great experience when it comes to taste. There are two flavors to choose from for the vegan-friendly Lean Whey on release, the cereal-themed Fruity Cereal and the other a baked treat-inspired Blueberry Cobbler.