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Lean Whey is finally getting a plant-based alternative that’s been three years in the making

Muscle Sport Preparing To Release Lean Whey Plant D

Lean Whey is one of Muscle Sport’s most known supplements, being a whey-based protein powder infused with some weight management ingredients, such as carnitine tartrate. The product gets its protein from transparently dosed hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate, and it comes in a nice selection of flavors. The supplement has had many tasty creations added over the years, such as Protella and the original Lean Charms.

Muscle Sport is about to release a spin-off of Lean Whey that’ll open up the product to a wider audience, specifically those that live a vegan-friendly lifestyle. As mentioned, the original Lean Whey is a dairy-based protein powder powered by hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate. The upcoming alternative is called Lean Whey Plant’d, which is a plant-based version that gets its protein exclusively from vegan-friendly sources.

We don’t have all of the details for Muscle Sport’s Lean Whey Plant’d just yet, although we will do shortly, as it is currently due to launch in about three days, this coming Friday, in what appears to be Blueberry Cobbler and Fruity Cereal flavors. This is certainly going to be a significant drop for Muscle Sport, not only because it opens up Lean Whey to vegan-friendly fans but because it’s apparently been in the making for three years.