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MuscleBlaze doesn’t put a lot into its gaming product but it only costs $3.65

Muscleblaze Game On

The giant Indian sports nutrition company MuscleBlaze is in all sorts of spaces and categories across the industry, and as we’ve followed it and shared updates over the years, it has done a great job at evolving and furthering its selection. This month it continues on that mission, entering a space it wasn’t already in with a gaming product named Game On, built specifically to support energy and focus, the ideal benefits for gamers.

MuscleBlaze hasn’t packed an overly advanced or complex formula into its gaming-specific Game On with a combination of common ingredients at some reasonably low dosages. Driving the elevated energy and enhanced focus in the supplement is a gram of taurine, a light 150mg of choline bitartrate, 200mg of theanine, 50mg of shankhpushpi, BioPerine to improve absorption, B vitamins, electrolytes, and 120mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, MuscleBlaze hasn’t put a whole lot of ingredients and dosages into Game On, with no wide variety of components or overly high amounts, although it should be enough to get you up, alert, and energized. There is probably room to double scoop, and even though that’ll bring the number of servings you get per tub from 20 down to 10, you probably won’t mind when you hear how much a full tub costs you.

Like most of the supplements in the MuscleBlaze lineup, Game On — formulated specifically for gamers — is just ₹299 (3.65 USD), which is about 10% of what you’d pay for a typical gaming product in the US. You can grab it for that incredibly low ₹299, which is discounted from Game On’s usual price of ₹549, directly through in the one Candy Rush flavor.