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Newest Nitro-Tech designed for pets promises muscle recovery and a shiny coat

Muscletech Nitro Tech Pet Protein

Muscletech has cooked up a completely new protein powder that’ll put it into a totally different market, despite already being in the world of supplements for an incredible amount of time. The latest innovation from the legacy brand is another entry into the long-running family of Nitro-Tech products with Nitro-Tech Pet Protein, and as the name suggests, this is the first-ever Muscletech supplement designed specifically for pets.

Nitro-Tech Pet Protein is said to support muscle recovery and promote a shiny coat, with a hefty 30g of protein a serving, primarily from high-quality whey and 3g of muscle-building creatine. Being that the supplement isn’t for Muscletech’s usual consumer, the flavor is not anything ordinary like chocolate or vanilla. To hit its target audience, the brand has put together Nitro-Tech Pet Protein in a Beef and Gravy flavor.

As intriguing as Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech Pet Protein is, definitely keep in mind the day we’re in right now, the 1st of April, or April Fools’ Day, and we definitely think this is playing into that, but a great effort and convincing graphic.