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Three related products appear to be up next from Mutant according to its latest teaser

Mutant Teases An Orange Series

Mutant is no stranger to cryptic teasers and sharing vague bits and pieces about an upcoming product in the lead-up to its launch. The legacy sports nutrition company has done it many times before, and here this week, in the fourth month of the year, we have another one, and it appears to involve a lot. You can see a pixelated image above, teasing something the maker of Mutant Mass has coming down the pipeline shortly.

From what we can gather from Mutant’s teaser image, whatever it has coming, it involves three separate products, which could lead to one of two things. We think it’s either a whole new family of supplements, maybe a series of formulas that can be used together for a common goal, or a flavor series. A flavor series is where you get three already available supplements in a new flavor and matching alternative label designs.

Either way you look at it, fans of Mutant have three products to look forward to, and not only will they be revealed shortly, they’re also going to be out and available for purchase in the near future. Definitely keep an eye out here at Stack3d as we’ll be sharing an update on the intriguing collection of whatever the brand has up its sleeve as soon as we can.

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