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No Cow is introducing two completely new formats in its Mighty Treats series

No Cow Mighty Treats

Sometime soon, the dairy-free protein brand No Cow is launching two different products, separate from its signature protein — standard and dipped — and the bulk whey-free protein powder. Both of the items will fall under what is being referred to as the No Cow Mighty Treats family, and while they are titled similar and equally packed with protein, their shape, size, and build are drastically different.

No Cow’s Mighty Treats is hitting stores sometime this season, with Mighty Treats Bars featuring a crispy and crunchy Rice Krispies-style format, and Mighty Treats Peanut Butter Cups, which are indeed peanut butter cups with a high-protein twist. Neither of the snacks are overly large, but the protein is still reasonably high, with 7g in the Rice Krispies-like bar and a strong 10g in two of the peanut butter cups.

We’ll definitely get more information on both of No Cow Mighty Treats’ dairy-free and high-protein products when we get closer to launch. While we don’t have an exact date for when that is going to happen, it doesn’t sound all that far away. The brand has also set up a sign-up form on its website, where you can enter your email, and when the Mighty Treats bar and cups go live, you’ll get a 20% off coupon.