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Obvi’s Super Collagen Protein and Collagenic Burn are coming to Walmart in August

Obvi Supplements Launching In Walmart

We recently shared a story going over the impressive evolution of the growing selection of sports nutrition supplements at the major retailer Walmart in the past year or so. It has worked hard to bring on board some reputable and well-known brands, including the likes of RYSE, G Fuel, and the delicious Power Pie from Finaflex. Walmart also revealed it has a lot more in store this year, promising some big bets in a few months around August.

While we are still four months away from August, a well-known brand here at Stack3d and winner of our prestigious Brand Of The Year Award has announced it’s entering Walmart in that particular month. The brand we’re talking about is none other than the brightly colored collagen specialist Obvi. Later this year, the lifestyle supplement company is launching its signature Super Collagen Protein and unique collagen weight loss product at Walmart.

There will be two flavors of Obvi’s Super Collagen Protein, its original cereal-themed creations, Fruity Cereal and Cocoa Cereal, and the capsule formula Collagenic Burn, which combines caffeine, a multi-form collagen blend, raspberry ketones, garcinia, and green tea. It’s a nice selection and introduction to Obvi for those that haven’t come across it before and a great way to introduce Walmart’s mountain of shoppers to the unmissable brand.