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Onnit is turning its hit nootropic Alpha Brain into a pre-workout with added performance

Onnit Announces Alpha Brain Pre Workout

Alpha Brain is one of Onnit’s star supplements, with the original designed specifically to enhance memory, focus, and cognition, and it features the likes of tyrosine, alpha-GPC, bacopa, and huperzine A. Noticeably missing from the product is caffeine, giving you the ability to enjoy the core benefits of Alpha Brain by themselves, without any injection of energy, or you could combine it with a caffeine source like an energy drink.

Onnit has gone beyond its original capsule format Alpha Brain supplement and expanded the hit nootropic into other variants such as the powder version Alpha Brain Instant, the liquid Alpha Brain Shot, and the more advanced although rather pricey Alpha Brain Black. The brand has announced it is getting ready to release another spin-off of Alpha Brain, and this one sounds incredibly interesting with Alpha Brain Pre-Workout.

The upcoming Alpha Brain Pre-Workout is said to combine the power of Onnit’s popular focus and cognition supplement with core pre-workout benefits such as better performance and power. It should all roll together for a great workout experience to keep you zoned in and working hard. Unlike the original, Alpha Brain Pre-Workout will have caffeine at 200mg a serving, with many other soon-to-be confirmed ingredients and dosages.