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Panda gets a fresh new amino cocktail with all nine EAAs instead of just BCAAs

Panda Supplements Improved Amino

The busy and growing brand Panda Supplements has replaced its original amino cocktail, straightforwardly named Recover, with a more complete and comprehensive product that still has the same sort of benefits in mind. The revamped supplement is BCAA+EAA, and as per the title, it does indeed combine the three all-important EAAs plus the other six EAAs for a combined total of 8g, whereas the original was only BCAAs.

Panda Supplements hasn’t just put aminos in BCAA+EAA; it has a few other ingredients, similar to its predecessor, with hydration-supporting components such as coconut water and key electrolytes. Everything is rolled together into a traditional flavored powder with a good amount of tastes to choose from. The options are Melon Ball, the two-part fruity experience Strawberry Watermelon, Peach Mango, and Pink Lemonade.

BCAA+EAA is already up and available for purchase directly from Panda Supplements’ online store, where the initial BCAA-Based Recover is no longer present. The more comprehensive, EAA-powered product carries a reasonable price of $34.99 before any discount, for a tub of 30 complete servings with free shipping on orders that come to a total of more than $99.