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Phase One’s heavy-hitting Pre Phase KO is back but without a facts panel on its website

Phase One Pre Phase Ko Is Back

Phase One Nutrition has brought back its original heavy-hitting pre-workout spin-off Pre Phase KO, which is separated from the regular version of Pre Phase by offering a more intense experience. This was something the brand had on the market in previous years; now, here in April of 2023, the product is back with that same sort of alternative experience, although wearing a new look and a different set of ingredients.

The returning Pre Phase KO is listed and available for purchase directly from Phase One Nutrition’s online store for just a bit more than its other stimulant pre-workouts like Pre Phase, Stimmed Up, and Brain Blitz at $49.95. The description the brand has alongside its revamped Pre Phase KO further confirms it’s still all about high-powered energy and focus to drive you through a workout, presumably thanks to a strong set of stimulants.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Phase One Nutrition has not included the facts panel behind Pre Phase KO on its website, which is not the case for any of its other supplements. We’re not sure if it’s something the brand plans on doing later, as it did only recently go live, but at the moment, it’s not there. Either way, you can purchase the intense pre-workout at $49.99 for a tub of 20 servings in Fruit Punch and Sour Worms flavors.