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Spain’s Protella drops a large bag of crunchy breadsticks that are high in protein

Protella Protein Sticks

Protella is one of the many creative, functional food companies in Europe that has an extensive selection of tasty treats and snacks with high-protein, low-sugar, or better-for-you approaches. The brand is based in Spain, and not surprisingly, with a name like Protella, it has a sizeable line of spreads, and in that collection, it truly flexes its creativity with intriguing flavors like Bonbon Crisp and the Oreo-like Black Cookie.

Now also included in the Protella catalog is a snack called Protein Sticks, which is a twist on the classic miniature breadsticks. It is a bag of small crispy and crunchy, breadstick-like pieces, but, of course, this a functional brand, so they’re much higher protein than the regular version. The macros on a 30g serving of the product include 3.3g of protein, 21.3g of carbohydrates, under a gram of that sugar, 1.3g of fat, and 112 calories.

It is worth noting, Protella’s Protein Sticks don’t come in a compact, snack-sized 30g or even 60g bag, but an absolutely huge 180g. Obviously, if you stick to that 30g worth of breadsticks, you’ll get the nutrition mentioned above, but if you throw back the entire pouch, you’re looking at a moderate 19.8g of protein, 127.8g of carbohydrates, 4.5g of that sugar, 7.56g of fat, and a lean gainer style calorie count of 673.

Protella has launched its high-protein breadsticks through its online store, and it’s made them available at a competitive price where that hefty 180g bag will cost you €2.50 (2.74 USD). A few other highlights of the product are that it has no added sugar or palm oil, it’s plant-based and vegan-friendly, and it is made with a simple set of ingredients in wheat flour, yeast, and salt.

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