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Mouthwatering Double Chocolate Chip joins the menu of Raw’s high-calorie protein cookie

Raw Nutrition Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dealer Protein Cookie

Raw Nutrition has once again teamed up with the popular functional food company My Cookie Dealer and is making some noise with another flavor of its protein-packed cookie. Raw Nutrition’s delicious cookie already has an extensive selection of options, from the traditional Chocolate Chip to the unique Strawberry Toaster Pastry. The new addition is a classic cookie in Double Chocolate Chip, and does indeed look mouthwatering.

Considering some of the other Protein Cookie flavors from Raw Nutrition weigh in at 520-620 calories per cookie, the decadent Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie falls on the lighter side of the calorie spectrum at 450 calories per piece. In saying that, the Double Chocolate Chip does have a higher protein count, with each cookie containing 18g of protein from Raw Nutrition’s protein powder, but the carbs remain high with 37g of added sugar.

The new collaborative effort from Raw Nutrition and My Cookie Dealer launched today directly on the brand’s website, and fans will be happy to hear that there is currently 10% off a box, taking it down to $42.99 for a dozen cookies instead of the usual $47.99.